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Smart pet dryer Catlink Standard


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Take care of your pet's fur and ensure it is smooth and shiny.

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The Catlink intelligent pet dryer guarantees fast drying and is very pet-friendly. It stands out with its low noise level, which does not stress pets and does not bother other household members. It also utilizes an advanced circulation system, providing constant access to fresh air. Additionally, the device generates negative ions and offers disinfection function. The dryer's capacity is up to 65 liters.

Stress-Free Grooming

Do not worry that your pet will be frightened while using the dryer. The Catlink device operates surprisingly quietly - its noise level is only about 40 dB or about 80 dB in fast drying mode. This allows the pet to feel comfortable - the annoying noise will not bother them. What's more, there is a special function available that allows pets to get used to the dryer stress-free - it provides very gentle action without any noise. It's worth using it for the first use of the device!

Fast and Safe Drying

Drying your pet's fur with the Catlink dryer will only take a few moments. The device is equipped with an efficient motor that operates at speeds of up to 1600 revolutions per minute. Thanks to this, you can dry your pet's fur in about 30 minutes! The entire grooming process is gradual, so the pet can feel comfortable. At the beginning, the speed and temperature are low, and then gradually increase.

Enhanced Air Circulation System

The dryer provides airflow from as many as 6 sides, allowing it to effectively dry even hard-to-reach areas, such as the pet's belly and paws. You also don't have to worry about it getting stuffy inside. The device uses an advanced circulation system, ensuring that the pet inside has uninterrupted access to fresh air.

65L Capacity

The dryer's capacity is up to 65 liters. Thanks to this, even 2 pets can comfortably use it at the same time - you don't have to worry that they will feel cramped. This is an excellent solution for caregivers of a larger number of pets!

In Care of Safety

The Catlink dryer ensures not only efficiency but also safety of use. It intelligently monitors the temperature, preventing overheating. It is also equipped with protective relays and fuses. All this means you don't have to worry about damaging it!

Negative Ions - Take Care of Your Pet's Fur

The Catlink dryer also generates negative ions, which help moisturize the fur, protect it from thermal damage, and give it a beautiful, lasting shine. Thanks to this, your pet's fur will be even shinier and smoother!

More than Just a Dryer

With the Catlink dryer, you can not only dry your pet's fur but also, for example, disinfect selected items such as toys or dishes. The device offers sterilization and ozonation function, and also effectively eliminates unpleasant odors.

Additional Amenities

Does your pet shed a lot of fur? The Catlink dryer will help you solve this problem - during drying, the fallen hair will be trapped by the built-in filter. Additionally, specially designed doors provide convenient access to the interior of the device, and built-in lighting makes monitoring the grooming process easier. The product is also very easy to clean and durable - it is equipped with scratch-resistant tempered glass elements. There is also a lock function available, which prevents accidental activation of the dryer.


NameSmart Pet Dryer
Capacity65 l
Voltage220 V
Power1000 W
Operating Temperature15-35°C
Negative Ion Concentration10 million / cm3
MaterialABS, tempered glass
Dimensions487 x 478 x 448 mm
Weight9.1 kg
ApplicationFor cats and small dogs

3Smart pet dryer Catlink 2567890


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Smart pet dryer Catlink Standard

Smart pet dryer Catlink Standard

Take care of your pet's fur and ensure it is smooth and shiny.

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